Scarborough Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You in Most Difficult Cases

Sustaining a serious injury due to the actions of another party is a life-changing event. Some people are fortunate enough to make a full recovery. Others will live with some physical change for the rest of their lives. Whatever your situation, it’s important to know that Steven Polak, Scarborough personal injury lawyer is there to help you through this difficult time. Here are some of the ways your legal counsel will be there for you.

Serving as the Gatekeeper While You Recover

From the moment the injury takes place, you can be that the responsible party will be seeking to dispense with the matter as quickly as possible. You may barely be settled into a hospital room before attempts to contact you begin. Those attempts may be phone calls or even representatives from an insurance company showing up at your bedside. The goal is to convince you that what they are offering right now is the best you will ever get. There will also be attempts to get you to say something that shifts at least part of the responsibility to your shoulders. Don’t engage them at all. The only information you need to supply is the name and contact information for your legal counsel. Make it clear all discussions will go through your lawyer. At that point, end the discussion.

Evaluating All Factors In Search of The Amount to Seek

Your lawyer will consider all factors related to what the injury has done to your life. That includes medical costs, any type of therapy you may need, and even the amount of income you may be losing by not being able to work. Even projections for future expenses related to the injury will be taken into account. The goal is to identify a sum that would compensate you for the consequences of the injury and prevent you from experiencing any type of financial loss. In order to do this, the lawyer will stay on top of all expenses you accrue and any that are projected for the future.

Staying in Touch With Your Medical Team

During the pursuit of compensation, your lawyer will remain in contact with the medical professionals who are overseeing your treatment. This is important, since emerging information may impact the amount that the lawyer seeks. For example, if the physical therapy that was anticipated to last for six months is now recommended for a year, the lawyer will adjust the figure accordingly. You can help by ensuring your medical team have the proper authorization to release details about your condition to the legal counsel. This makes it much easier than having to collect the data yourself and relay it to your lawyer.

Seeking to Negotiate a Settlement

You would likely prefer to not go to court. The same is likely true for the responsible party. For this reason, your lawyer will first seek to negotiate a settlement that’s acceptable to you and to the party who caused the accident. In some cases, the offer will be accepted, the payment terms defined, and that will be the end of the matter. At other times, the responsible party my refuse the settlement offer and counter with another one. If it’s not a good one for you, that means the matter will likely go to court.

Representing You in Court

Your lawyer will be present and plead your case before the court. Depending on the state of your health, you may not have to be present. It’s likely that some of the medical personnel who have treated you along with witnesses to the event and others who have some knowledge about the situation will be called as witnesses. You can be that your lawyer will seek to introduce all documents that have to do with the injury and your ongoing treatment. Even if your case continues for some time, rest assured that your legal counsel is there for the long haul. Together, the two of you will face the situation and seek to ensure you receive the compensation that’s deserved.