Criminal Defence Lawyers Stand by You and Protect Your Rights

Facing criminal charges under any circumstance is a daunting situation. You don’t want to face this type of issue on your own, nor do you want to treat it lightly. The good news is that there is someone who is willing to be by your side and see it through. There are Toronto criminal defence lawyers who will devote themselves to seeking freedom for their clients. Here are some of the ways that your legal counsel will stand by you from beginning to end.

At Your Side When It’s Time to Talk With the Authorities

Talking with the police is intimidating for most people. Even when you’ve done nothing wrong, it’s easy to feel on the defensive and possibly say something that’s not quite what you intended to say. The result can be remarks that make the situation worse rather than better. One of the ways your legal counsel helps is being present whenever you’re questioned. The goal is to determine if the questions being asked are in line with current legal procedures and existing laws. Even the way those questions are worded comes under scrutiny. Thanks to the presence of your legal counsel, the odds of saying something that makes things worse is kept to a minimum.

Examining Every Aspect of Your Case Carefully

Your legal counsel already knows what the prosecution thinks about the case. The lawyer will approach the evidence from a different perspective. That perspective is that there are facts in there somewhere that confirm you are not guilty of the charges. The lawyer will be sifting through that evidence looking for that information. The examination doesn’t stop there. It’s not unusual for lawyers to go back and talk with witnesses and others in more detail. It’s possible that some minor detail that was not completely addressed before could shed new light on the case and the charges. In some instances, that additional information could change the course of the defence effort.

Looking for Evidence That Would Merit Dismissing the Case

Your legal counsel prepares as if there’s no doubt the case will come to court. Even so, the lawyer is on the lookout for any evidence that would merit seeking a dismissal of the charges. If such evidence is found, the lawyer may take it to the court and file a formal motion to dismiss the charges. If successful, that could be the end of the whole affair. Keep in mind that the court can deny the motion. That doesn’t mean the evidence is of no value. It just means the lawyer has found one more item that could prove helpful for you when the case does go to court.

Providing Ideas on How to Conduct Yourself

This is a delicate time in your life. From now until the court date, it’s important that your behaviour is above reproach. That may mean refraining from being seen in certain places and with certain people. Even so, it may also mean that you spend more time in a public setting with credible people who can attest to your whereabouts at all times. Whatever advice your lawyer gives on this front, heed it. Doing so will help reduce the possibility of complications in court later on and may even help create a more favourable image of you in the meantime.

Taking the Lead During the Trial

With little to no experience in a courtroom setting, you may not be sure what to do or even when to say anything. This is where you follow the example and the advice of your lawyer. Everything that your legal counsel tells you to do or refrain from doing is calculated to ensure you make the best possible impression on the court. That includes those who make up a jury if one is present. When you hire a criminal defence lawyer, don’t waste time second-guessing what he or she wants from you. There’s a reason behind every question, every recommendation, and every remark. Work closely with your legal counsel and rest assured that the lawyer will use every legal strategy to ensure your rights are protected.